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BEST concludes the summer Entrepreneurial Co-Op Program

12 co-op students have completed the BEST Entrepreneurial Co-Op program with several innovative start-ups through the BEST Program at York University’s Lassonde School of Engineering. Students had the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of building and running a business in their field while working alongside startup founders.  

After concluding their co-op terms, students are well-equipped with both technical and soft skills, including resilience and adaptability. As students reflect on their experiences, they emphasize that co-op opportunities are much more than work experiences; they are transformative journeys that help shape their future. 

“During my co-op experience, one of the most surprising aspects was the extent to which teamwork and collaboration played a pivotal role in the development process,” says Muhammad Hamza, a third-year Software Engineering student who worked with Lab2Client

“While I expected technical skills to be crucial (and they certainly were), the degree to which effective communication, collaboration and synergy within the team impacted the outcome was genuinely eye-opening.” 

“My biggest takeaway from this co-op experience is that taking risks and diving into ambiguity is quite important for progress and I should consider taking on these kinds of opportunities,” says Michael David, a third-year Computer Science student who worked with Chatbase. “Even when problems arise, the potential to grow from struggling is huge. This experience could help me land my next co-op opportunity and perform well in future work environments.” 

“What surprised me was how much fun I had doing my job,” says Che Lorde, a fourth-year Mechanical Engineering student who worked with Handifuel. “I was under the impression that the work would be highly demanding and that the work atmosphere would be tense, but it was the opposite. I had a wonderful time working with my teammates and doing my role.” 

“My biggest takeaway from this experience was learning about working at a startup,” says Rares Tibu, a fourth-year Mechanical Engineering student who worked with Reefers. “I learned how a wide variety of tasks, ranging from technical to soft skills, are distributed among a small team.” 

“This experience has broadened my perspective on my career choices as I plan on working on my own startup as I continue to work in traditional, more established companies,” says Mouiz Ahmed a third-year software engineering student who worked with Chatbase. 

“Embracing this multifaceted role has been an enriching experience, highlighting the importance of adaptability and efficiency in various capacities,”  says Khawaja Faiza Qaisar a fourth-year Computer Science student who worked with Pantheon Prototyping

Congratulations to all students who completed their work terms with BEST Program start-ups this term.