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BEST Entrance Award Recipients – Fall 2021

Collage of Best award winners

The 2021 BEST Entrance Award recipients have been announced. This award recognizes students for their entrepreneurial initiatives, including leadership pursuits and/or involvement in enterprising activities at their high school, and is awarded to incoming students at the Lassonde School of Engineering at York University. 

Check out the recipient list below and see what some of the students had to say about their achievement. 

The 2021 recipients are: 

Name Program of Study 
Luana Ribeiro Madeira Computer Science 
Kiara Mavalwala Engineering 
Hussam Baradei Software Engineering 
Shabbir Abedi Computer Science 
Fadi Naem Software Engineering 
Awais Choudhry Honours Computer Science (BA) 
Jackson Cheung Computer Science (Ba) 
Yashitha Madanapalli Computer Science 
Sara Jackson Honours BSc Computer Science 
Edris Anwary Engineering 
Mohammad Ahmed Mahfooz Computer Engineering 
Ali Saheb Engineering 
Vachaspathy Sreedhar Computer Science 

“I am honoured to receive this award, it will propel me towards my goal of combining entrepreneurship and engineering. I can’t wait to work with the BEST Lab to facilitate positive change through the power of entrepreneurship.” Kiara Mavalwala 

“Entrepreneurship is a skill that can be compatible with any career that you choose, be it Information Technology or Fashion Design. This is what first captivated me to invest in my capabilities as an entrepreneur; being the recipient of this scholarship has only motivated me more.” Yashitha Madanapalli 

“Receiving the BEST Entrance Award has inspired me to dedicate myself more to helping and collaborating with the people and communities around me. This award helps me be more engaged in entrepreneurial activities and making an impact in the community”.  Edris Anwary 

“Words cannot describe how grateful I am for receiving this award – I never thought I would be in the position that I am today and being able to do this while receiving all this support is heartwarming. This award impacts me in a very positive way, it allows me to focus on my education, and pursue my entrepreneurial projects.” Mohammad Mahfooz 

“In the modern technological era, we heavily rely on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. However, knowing these fields theoretically is insufficient to sustain in the industry. One needs a strong entrepreneurial background to succeed. This scholarship has driven me to be more engaged in my entrepreneurial activities.” Vachaspathy Sreedhar