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BEST Program takes on over 20 students during winter e-WIL term

The winter term of the entrepreneurial Work-Integrated Learning (e-WIL) opportunity from the BEST Program has concluded. Over 20 students were hired and integrated into various startups throughout the semester.

BEST e-WIL is a part-time, hands-on, learning experience for students to discover what it’s like to start and grow a startup. The program benefits both students and employers, allowing or collaboration, hands-on learning and an open exchange of ideas.

“Through this term, I learned how to effectively communicate ideas and feedback, and work together with others towards a common goal,” says Kyle Otero, second-year Engineering student at Lassonde who worked at Chatbase. “I also gained valuable experience in developing practical and user-friendly solutions, while identifying my strengths and areas of improvement.”

The e-WIL program provides students with a range of open positions within various startups, each with unique responsibilities. This allows students to find a role that aligns with their interests and skills. Plus, by working alongside experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts, participants gain invaluable insights and develop skills that are transferable to future entrepreneurial endeavours or careers.

“The journey with the BEST e-WIL not only opened new doors for me but also greatly impacted my career trajectory,” says Mario Mankarious a 3rd-year Computer Engineering student who is now working with BMO as a Junior cloud analyst. “It helped me to land an interview for an internship position at BMO, where I eventually secured a spot thanks to the hands-on experience and the skills I had acquired while working with RydUp, a BEST Startup.”

“My biggest takeaway from my e-WIL experience at Rydup was the importance of continuous learning and personal growth,” says Zaid Dahir, second-year Computer Science student. “I had the opportunity to work with experienced developers and designers, who were always willing to share their knowledge and expertise with me. I realized that the key to success is to be open to new ideas and approaches. I also learned a lot about my own strengths and areas for improvement. For example, I discovered that I have strong technical skills and attention to detail, but I also recognized that I could improve my communication skills.”

The e-WIL experience has helped students pursue their interests in the tech industry and even inspired some to  start their own tech start-ups. The program also provided a valuable opportunity for cross-disciplinary skill development, broadening the students’ personal and professional horizons.

“I learned how important everyone’s roles are within a company and how everyone’s contributions are important no matter how big or small,” says Mechanical Engineering student Madison Bardoel. “Working together as a team can have big impact for the company – we hit some big milestones during these two semesters!”

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