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Lassonde students collaborating on projects together

Information for Current Students

Bachelor of Applied Science in Digital Technologies (BASc)

In-person Learning Calendar

The in-person learning calendar outlines the dates that students will be out-of-office for in-person learning weeks (Fall/Winter/Summer 2023-2024):

Term3-week in-person
Foundation Block
1-week in-person
Learning Block 1
1-week in-person
Learning Block 2
FallSeptember 6-22, 2023October 23-27, 2023December 4-8, 2023
WinterFebruary 5-9, 2024April 1-5, 2024
SummerJune 3-7, 2024July 22-26, 2024
TermDescriptionWeek #MondayFridayNotes
FALLFoundation BlockWeek 12023-09-042023-09-08Foundation Block (in-person, on campus) starts on September 6th. Orientation to the program; Labour Day Monday
Foundation BlockWeek 22023-09-112023-09-15Preparation for non-block academic activities. Students are on campus.
Foundation BlockWeek 32023-09-182023-09-22Preparation for non-block academic activities. Students are on campus.
Students at workplaceWeek 42023-09-252023-09-29
Students at workplaceWeek 52023-10-022023-10-06
Workplace onlyReading week2023-10-092023-10-13Students at workplace during Reading Week; Thanksgiving Day Monday.
Student at workplaceWeek 62023-10-162023-10-20
In-person learning BlockWeek 72023-10-232023-10-27Students are in-person, on campus
Students at workplaceWeek 82023-10-302023-11-03
Students at workplaceWeek 92023-11-062023-11-10
Students at workplaceWeek 102023-11-132023-11-17
Students at workplaceWeek 112023-11-202023-11-24
Students at workplaceWeek 122023-11-272023-12-01
In-person Learning BlockWeek 132023-12-042023-12-08Students are in-person, on campus
Students at workplaceWeek 142023-12-112023-12-15
Students at workplaceWeek 152023-12-182023-12-22
Workplace onlyWINTER BREAK2023-12-252023-12-29Students coordinate holiday break directly with employer.
Workplace onlyWINTER BREAK2024-01-012024-01-05Students coordinate holiday break directly with employer.
WINTERStudents at workplaceWeek 12024-01-082024-01-12
Students at workplaceWeek 22024-01-152024-01-19
Students at workplaceWeek 32024-01-222024-01-26
Students at workplaceWeek 42024-01-292024-02-02
In-person Learning BlockWeek 52024-02-052024-02-09Students are in-person, on campus
Students at workplaceWeek 62024-02-122024-02-16
Workplace onlyREADING WEEK2024-02-192024-02-23Students at workplace during Reading Week; Family Day Monday. Time off is coordinated between students and employer.
Students at workplaceWeek 72024-02-262024-03-01
Students at workplaceWeek 82024-03-042024-03-08
Students at workplaceWeek 92024-03-112024-03-15
Students at workplaceWeek 102024-03-182024-03-22
Students at workplaceWeek 112024-03-252024-03-29Good Friday
In-person Learning BlockWeek 122024-04-012024-04-05Students are in-person, on campus
Students at workplaceWeek 132024-04-082024-04-12
Students at workplaceWeek 142024-04-152024-04-19
Students at workplaceWeek 152024-04-222024-04-26
Workplace onlySPRING BREAK2024-04-292024-05-03Students at workplace during Spring Break. Time off is coordinated between students and employer.
SUMMERStudents at workplaceWeek 12024-05-062024-05-10
Students at workplaceWeek 22024-05-132024-05-17
Students at workplaceWeek 32024-05-202024-05-24Victoria Day Monday
Students at workplaceWeek 42024-05-272024-05-31
In-person Learning BlockWeek 52024-06-032024-06-07Students are in-person, on campus
Students at workplaceWeek 62024-06-102024-06-14
Workplace onlyREADING WEEK2024-06-172024-06-21
Students at workplaceWeek 72024-06-242024-06-28
Students at workplaceWeek 82024-07-012024-07-05Canada Day Monday
Students at workplaceWeek 92024-07-082024-07-12
Students at workplaceWeek 102024-07-152024-07-19
In-person Learning BlockWeek 112024-07-222024-07-26Students are in-person, on campus
Students at workplaceWeek 122024-07-292024-08-02
Students at workplaceWeek 132024-08-052024-08-09Civic Holiday Monday
Students at workplaceWeek 142024-08-122024-08-16
Workplace onlySUMMER BREAK2024-08-192024-08-23Students at workplace during Summer Break. Time off is coordinated between students and employer.
Workplace onlySUMMER BREAK2024-08-262024-08-30

What is a Foundation Block?

The Foundation Block is a three-week in-class experience in the first year of the Digital Technologies program where students are set up to succeed both academically and professionally.

It’s an opportunity for students to network, team build, get familiar with useful technologies and working environments and learn how they can balance work with study. Students will also establish connections with their peers, instructors and skill coaches during this time.

Managers will be invited and expected to attend one day at the Foundation Block (date TBC) during the three-week period. Students will have an opportunity to get started on coursework, including in-lab components, and attend various workshops to strengthen their skills across a variety of topics, including math, programming and computing environments before joining you in the workforce.

Digital Technologies Program Contact Chart

TopicContactAdditional Information
1.    Academic and program advising  
2.    York policy and procedure questions  
3.    Student events  
4.    Student clubs  
5.    York student support navigation (Counselling, OSCR, the Centre, CHREI, etc.)  
6.    Alternate exam navigation  
Crystal Grant  
Associate Director, Student Success and Advising
Program Website:  
Academic Calendar (Program Requirements & Important Dates):
Study support: 
Counselling & well-being: 
Career counselling:
Technical Support Services:
Lassonde Community Groups:
1.    Financial navigation  
2.    Bursaries and awards  
3.    Inquiries concerning the Office of the University Registrar  
Student Support Advisor (TBC) Payment deadlines & Instructions: Student Financial Services page.
Additional Student Fees (Student Health Plans):
Student Financial Profile (apply for awards/bursaries):
Lassonde Awards & Scholarships:     
1.    Professional Skills Coaching critical for academic and professional success (time management, critical thinking, communication, problem solving etc.)  
2.    Workplace challenges (work/study/life balance)  
3.    Workplace check-ins and concerns 
4.    Connecting theory (Academic work) and practice (Workplace tasks)  
5.    Professionalism in the workplace  
6.    Learning needs in the workplace  
7.    Navigating employer channels and communication  
8.    ePortfolio Learning Artifact support    
Jenny Peach-Squibb 
Professional Skills Coach  
1.    Access to IBM facilities  
2.    General program inquiries  
3.    Program schedule   
4.    Customized letter confirming program enrolment  
5.    Course enrolments and enrolment blocks 
6.    Operational logistics within IBM    
Aileen Y. Chan
Undergraduate Program Coordinator (UPC)
1.    Academic challenges/issues  
2.    Escalations for course-related concerns  
3.    Navigating communication channels with faculty members  
4.    Any special requests/exemptions  
Kostas Kontogiannis  
Undergraduate Program Director (UPD)  
1.    Course-related concerns  
2.    Course assignments  
3.    Course Deadlines   
4.    Assignment Deferral  
5.    Absence from class      
Course Instructors