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Lassonde researchers among recipients of York’s $3.1M provincial funding

This story is an excerpt of an article originally published in YFile.

Eighteen York University researchers have received more than $3 million in combined funding from the government of Ontario in support of their innovative research projects designed to bring new products, ideas and technologies to the market.

The funding for York, totaling $3,166,842, comes from the Ontario Research Fund and the Early Researcher Awards. The funds are intended to help institutions attract and retain top research talent and to help grow Ontario’s innovation sector.

“York University makes innovation its tradition and we are grateful to the provincial government’s support of the ingenuity of our pioneering researchers,” said Amir Asif, vice-president research and innovation. “Their projects hold the promise to stimulate growth, ignite creativity and fuel invention across a variety of industries in Ontario.”

The Lassonde recipients include:

Ontario Research Fund – Research Excellence

Andrew Maxwell, associate professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Creating a new category of micro-mobility electric vehicles for local and last mile fleet applications

Ontario Research Fund – Research Excellence

Thomas Cooper, associate professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Multifunctional aerogel innovation platform

Reza Rizvi, assistant professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Raman Microscopy Facility for Nanomaterials Characterization in Clean Energy and Environmental Research

Early Researcher Awards

Hossein Kassiri, associate professor, Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Next Generation Wireless and Battery-Less mm-Scale Implantable Optogenetic Neurostimulators

Read the YFile article for full list of recipients. For more information, read the government’s full announcement.