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Before you start a new club, please consider the following questions:

  • Is there an existing club that has similar interests?
  • What are the clubs goals and objectives? What is the mission or purpose of the club?
  • How many students will you be able to recruit? What steps are you planning to take to ensure a long term existence of the club?
  • Who else are interested in the club? Do you have a retention plan? For a club to be successful, you must have others who are interested in the club’s vision for a greater impact in the community. You will need 20 Lassonde students to sign up for your club’s purpose.
  • Who is your club’s Faculty Advisor?  All Lassonde clubs are required to have a Faculty Advisor. Your advisor should be a Faculty member at the Lassonde School of Engineering who believes in your vision and supports your club’s endeavours. You will need to request the help of a Faculty Advisor and meet with them early in the academic year to discuss your clubs goals and objectives.
  • Have you talked to the Student Engagement Team? You will need the approval from the office of the Assistant Dean, Students for your club to be affiliated with Lassonde. It is essential to keep the Student Life Coordinator updated with big changes within the club. 
  • Have you created your club constitution? Sample constitutions are available on the YFS and YUConnect sites.

Annual Club Registration

In order for your club or student organization to be recognized as an official student group and receive the various privileges and benefits from being an official student organization at York University, you must first apply to register your club with Student Community & Leadership Development (SC&LD).

For more information, visit email

Clubs also have the opportunity to register with York Federation of Students (YFS) for additional funding and benefits. This is optional and not a requirement for your affiliation with Lassonde.

Please note that the registration process for clubs is required for renewal each year for SC&LD, YFS and to remain affiliated with the Lassonde School of Engineering. 

Lassonde Affiliated Clubs

Once your application with SC&LD is submitted and you have indicated that you wish to have your club affiliated with Lassonde School of Engineering, your club information will be forwarded to the Lassonde Engagement team for review and approval.

The benefits of becoming a Lassonde Affiliated club include:

  • Room Booking privileges within the Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence.
  • Use Bergeron space, Project and storage space, if available.
  • Club Subsidy Funding
  • Community Programming Funding
  • Professional Development Funding

To be considered for affiliation, your club’s mission must relate to our programs of study and/or serve our student community.

All clubs are required to collaborate with a Lassonde Faculty Advisor, who is willing to work with and support your club’s endeavours.

All Lassonde affiliated clubs are required to:

  • Complete mid-term and end of year reports, as requested. 
  • Collaborate with your Faculty Advisor
  • Develop a presence and engage our student community through Campus Groups on a regular basis.
  • Plan events and/or activities for the benefit of club membership and/or fellow Lassonde students
  • Stay in good financial standing and allocate club funding appropriately and responsibly.
  • Follow the processes outlined in your club’s constitution 
  • Attend monthly club meetings, as requested 
  • Attend required club training, as requested
  • Comply with the guidelines and policies set forward by Student Community & Leadership Development (SC&LD) and all other university policies and procedures.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

As Lassonde student leaders, you must have a solid understanding of your rights and responsibilities. We want to ensure that all your interactions with faculty, staff and students are pleasant and respectful. The standards are outlined in the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities.

Questions? Please contact Lassonde Front Desk via zoom or drop by the Student Welcome and Support Centre at 105 Bergeron Centre.