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This is Lassonde: Podcast

This is Lassonde Podcast – Season 3

Want to get the inside scoop? Check out our ‘This is Lassonde’ Podcast, where each episode brings you fresh conversations talking to engineers, scientists and creators across the Lassonde community, including students, faculty, alumni and our industry partners.

Hosted by students, Mai and Shannon, you can look forward to insightful conversations that you won’t want to miss. Tune in and hear all about how Lassonde is making an impact and finding solutions to complex problems.

Get inspired to make a positive change in the world and become a part of the Lassonde community.

This is Lassonde: Podcast hosts, Mai and Shannon
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Episode 11:

Beyond the Stars: Navigating Space, Robotics, and Cybersecurity with Shelly Sahani 

Today, we’re sitting down with alumna Shelly Sahani on ‘This is Lassonde’ and we invite you to join us and discover her extraordinary journey. From designing award-winning projects in space engineering to making significant strides in the realm of cybersecurity, Shelly’s story is a testament to passion, innovation, interdisciplinarity and commitment to empowering others through technology. Tune in for an insightful discussion about her projects, community involvement and valuable lessons learned along the way. 

Episode 10:

Beneath the Surface: Professor Matthew Perras and the Geotechnical Odyssey

Join us in a captivating conversation with Professor Matthew Perras from the Civil Engineering department at Lassonde. From deciphering the differences between geological and geotechnical realms to exploring climate-influenced design, this episode takes you on a journey through ancient tombs, innovative research and the transformative Climate-Data-Drive Design (CD3) Facility. Plus, get an exclusive insight into Professor Perras’ engaging YouTube channel, GeoMechanic, and get a glimpse at the future of geotechnical engineering.

Episode 9:

Revolutionizing Transport: Raghavendar Sahdev’s Venture from AI Researcher to CEO of NuPort Robotics

Join us on this episode of ‘This is Lassonde’ as we navigate the fascinating world of autonomous trucking with Raghavender, the visionary entrepreneur and CEO of NuPort Robotics. We have an in-depth discussion about his research accolades, entrepreneurial insights and the future of transportation. We also explore how NuPort Robotics is driving sustainable solutions and revolutionizing the way we envision the road ahead.

Episode 8:

Bridging Creativity and Concrete: A Conversation with Yusra Sani 

In this episode, we sit down with Yusra Sani, a civil engineering student at the Lassonde School of Engineering. Yusra shares how her passion for civil engineering was first sparked during high school, through a mentorship-based program she took part in. Join us as we discuss how Yusra seamlessly integrates her artistic passions with civil engineering, and her advice about balancing academics and extracurriculars for a fulfilling educational experience.   

Episode 7:

From Cells to Startups: Dr. Terry Sachlos on Stem Cell Engineering and Entrepreneurship 

Join us for a riveting conversation with Professor Terry Sachlos from Lassonde’s Department of Mechanical Engineering who is also the Associate Director of the Bergeron Entrepreneurs of Science and Technology (BEST) program. In this episode, we dive into the dynamic worlds of stem cell engineering, regenerative medicine and entrepreneurship. Then, we discuss the potential impact of his groundbreaking research on bone marrow transplants and autoimmune disorders. Finally, we hear insights about the BEST program and how it bridges science and entrepreneurship.  

Episode 6:

Shaping the Future: Insights from Lassonde Scholars Shannon Fernando, Kiet Le and Fatema Roshni

On this episode of This is Lassonde, we are joined by Lassonde Scholars Kiet and Fatema along with our host (and Scholar), Shannon, as they share their unique journeys, challenges and the transformative experiences. From academic excellence to community leadership, get inspired by the resilience and commitment of these exceptional students as they reflect on their time as Lassonde Scholars and offer valuable advice.

Episode 5:

Ripples of Impact: Ginelle Aziz on World Water Day and Sustainable Engineering

In this special episode, we celebrate World Water Day with Ginelle Aziz, a master’s candidate in the Civil Engineering program at Lassonde. We dive into the importance of environmental engineering, the significance of World Water Day, and the real-world impact of Ginelle’s research on geothermal heat pumps and bioremediation. Plus, we explore the intersection of academia and advocacy, as Ginelle shares her commitment to promoting sustainability and water conservation through her involvement with Engineers Without Borders. This episode is a call to action – a reminder that each small ripple can create waves of change.

Episode 4:

Women Pioneering Change in Engineering: Peace Ikpotokin and Josephine Morgenroth

In this special International Women’s Day episode, we are honoured to be joined by two remarkable Lassonde alumni, Peace and Josephine, who share their inspiring journeys in the world of civil engineering. As we celebrate the achievements of women in STEM, Peace and Josephine leave us with valuable insights and advice, reminding us that innovation in engineering thrives when we embrace diverse perspectives. From overcoming challenges to challenging stereotypes, their stories resonate with the spirit of diversity, inclusion, and perseverance.

Episode 3:

Crafting Life: Daphene Solis and the Art of 4D Bioprinting

Join us in an inspiring episode as we delve into a captivating discussion with Daphene Solis, a PhD candidate in Mechanical Engineering at Lassonde. From her roots in Brazil to her pioneering work in 4D bioprinting, Daphene talks about her experiences, the intersection of mechanical engineering and biology, and the exciting future of medical advancements. Tune in to gain insights into her journey, teaching endeavors, and empowering advice for students and women in STEM. 

Episode 2:

Beyond Binary: A Poetic Perspective on Computer Science with Alvine Boya Belle 

Professor Alvine Boya Belle has a passion for bridging the realms of technology and human expression. In this episode, we unravel her captivating journey into computer science and delve into her groundbreaking research on system assurance. Then, we explore the poetic side of her life and how combining art and science can help communicate complex scientific concepts. 

Episode 1:

Engineering Beyond Earth with Ian Porto

In this episode, Lassonde student, Ian Porto, takes us on a deep dive into the Space Engineering program. Follow his journey from the start, as he shares experiences with projects like the ESSENCE Space Mission and the LURA program. Then, discover the ins and outs of CubeSat satellites, the Cross-Campus Capstone Classroom and hear his favourite aspects of space engineering.