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Winning pitches at the ENTR4500 Pitch Competition: BEST Program at Lassonde School of Engineering

In late April, students from the Lassonde School of Engineering, and the Schulich School of Business at York University pitched their business ideas as part of the BEST Certificate’s Entrepreneurship and Technology Ventures course (ENTR4500). The ENTR4500 Pitch Presentations showcased a remarkable display of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

The day showcased a diverse range of projects that impressed both attendees and judges. The ideas presented were innovative and meticulously executed. Students did a great job articulating their vision and demonstrated their deep understanding of the market, commitment to rigorous research and entrepreneurial mindset.

Among the standout presentations were the winning pitches from two teams, Quest and CogniSpace who won the BEST Impact Technology Award.


Quest is an all-in-one discovery and booking platform that offers a convenient solution for users to find and pay for various activities. By providing a single platform, Quest aims to simplify and enhance the user experience. Additionally, businesses benefit from accessing a new channel to promote and sell their products, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises that may not have their own booking platforms. Ultimately, Quest aims to increase businesses’ sales volume and overall profitability while providing users with a seamless activity booking experience.


The gesture-recognition software by CogniSpace offers digital accessibility accommodations. By transcribing sign language and recognizing hand gestures and body language as inputs, it enables greater inclusivity. With select licensing options, users can create custom gestures using the CogniSpace software or mobile application, and the software can be seamlessly integrated across industries to enhance accessibility and improve the user experience. It is available as a plugin for popular video conferencing platforms or as standalone software compatible with any webcam.

Congratulations to the winning teams!