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Space Engineering Professor Discusses NASA Rover Perseverance with Global News

February 17, 2021

Screenshot of John Moores on Global News

Professor John Moores talked to Global News about NASA’s rover, Perseverance, landing on Mars this month.

You can watch the interview on the Global News website

Mechanical Engineering Professor Talks Aerosol Transmission of COVID-19 and HVAC System Safety with CityNews and CTV

February 13, 2021

Screenshot of Marina Freire-Gormaly on CityNews

Professor Marina Freire-Gormaly spoke with the National CTV News Channel about Aerosol Transmission of COVID-19 and the importance of the HVAC system for the safety of the building occupants. She also spoke to CityNews about air quality at TCDSB Schools. 

You can watch the CTV News coverage on the York website

You can watch the CityNews coverage on the CityNews website.

Civil Engineering professor Interviewed on CTV for his Work on Physical Distancing

November 30, 2020

Screenshot of Peter Park on CTV

Peter Park, Associate Professor in Civil Engineering, was featured on CTV News for his latest work, which considers the implications of physical distancing requirements for pedestrians using urban sidewalks.  
Watch the full interview on CTV News.

Professor Mike Daly Featured in CBC Article as Lead Scientist on NASA Spacecraft

October 20, 2020

The asteroid Bennu

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx mission will make history as it attempts its first collection of material from an asteroid to be returned to Earth in 2023. 
Lassonde Professor Mike Daly is OLA’S lead instrument scientist. Daly has been working on the instrument for 12 years and is very pleased with the amount of detail and precision it was able to provide. 

Read the full article on CBC.

ESSE Professor Interviewed on Cosmic Controversy Podcast About Space 

August 7, 2020

Isaac Smith

Ever wondered what Mars was like 3.5B years ago? Then you need to listen to Professor Isaac B. Smith on the Cosmic Controversy Podcast. His episode is titled, Why Mars Remains so Misunderstood.  
Listen to the podcast here

Research done by PhD student from the Department of Earth & Space Science & Engineering featured in HuffPo Canada

May 22, 2020

Panoramic view of calm water of Windy Arm of Tagish Lake near Carcross, Yukon Territory, Canada, with surrounding mountains mirrored on lake surface

PhD student, Beth Lymer, from the Department of Earth & Space Science & Engineering was recently featured in a video on Huffington Post’s twitter page. The video showcases how a Canadian Meteorite could teach us how life was created on earth. 
The Tagish Lake Meteorite is a 5-metre hunk of space debris and came from a 4.5 billion year-old asteroid. A team of researchers, including Beth Lymer have discovered minerals and chemical compounds within the meteorite dating to the start of the solar system, among other revelations.

Watch the full video here.

Professor Nima Tabatabaei Featured in CBC for his Cannabis Detection Research

May 17, 2020

Nima Tabatabaei

Professor Nima Tabatabaei was featured in Radio-Canada for developing a new device to detect the presence of cannabis in the body during roadside testing. 
The technology uses a laser and a small infrared camera which measures the level of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in one’s saliva. 
According to the engineers that worked on this project, the device will cut down on test result time down to less than ten minutes while providing more precise results. 
Read the full Radio-Canada article here.

Two Professors Featured in PEO’s Engineering Dimensions Magazine

March 30, 2020

Bergeron Centre

Lassonde’s own Professor Marina Freire-Gormaly from the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Professor Hany Farag form the Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science have both contributed to an article in Professional Engineers Ontario Magazine, Engineering Dimensions for the Spring issue, page 24. 
Read the full article here

Lassonde Supports Local High School Students in Robotics Canada Event 

February 27, 2020

3D printed robot arm with wires and control board.

In a unique collaboration to support Black youth in STEM, Lassonde has partnered with the African Canadian Christian Network (ACCN) to sponsored their robotics team, Umoja 7712. The Team is made up of high school students from the local Jane-Finch community and greater Toronto area.  

Fourth Year Mechanical Engineering student, Sara Kashanchi Langroudi, has been mentoring the students along with Faculty Director of York University’s First Robotics Competition, Professor Terry Sachlos. 
Check them out on CTV (at 42:48) and City News.

Professor Satinder Kaur Brar Featured on CBC Documentary The Nature of Things

January 31, 2020

Satinder Brar

Satinder Kaur Brar, an environmental engineer at the Lassonde School of Engineering wants to find out if the Alcanivorax borkumensis bacteria can clean up oil spills and contaminated soils.

Watch a sneak peek here.   

Lassonde Professor Quoted in News Article on Caledon Floods 

January 13, 2020

Flooding and Road Closed for Flooding Sign

Dr. Usman Khan, Civil Engineering Professor was interviewed by Caledon Enterprise on the ways natural green infrastructure can help prepare for floods in urban areas –  like downtown Bolton. 
Read the full article here.

Flood Expert Professor Usman Khan on CTV News 

November 28, 2019

Usman Khan

Professor Khan was on CTV discussing his AI/flood prediction research with Anchor/Reporter Angie Seth.  

Check out the video here.  

Vision Expert Professor John Tsotsos Featured on CTV News

November 5, 2019

Professor John Tsotsos

A team led by John Tsotsos, professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the Lassonde School of Engineering, found that the human brain does not select interesting portions of an image to process preferentially, as the highly influential 1958 theory of Donald Broadbent proposed. 
Watch the video here.

Read more here.

Senator Galvez and Dean Goodyer Discuss the Lack of Female Representation in STEM on CTV

October 28, 2019

Jane Goodyer

Dean Jane Goodyer alongside Senator Rosa Galvez were interviewed on CTV News on their efforts in getting girls into science and engineering fields.  
Watch the full interview here.

Professor Hany Farag Featured in The York University magazine Promoting Hydrogen Buses in Ontario

October 23, 2019

Hany Farag

Battery-powered electric buses have zoomed to the heart of the environmental zeitgeist as cities around the world hop on a technological development that looks to significantly reduce emissions levels by the 2030 deadline established by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

In hot pursuit to the finish is a comparatively new type of electric vehicle that researchers at York University claim is the next big thing in sustainable urban transportation systems.  
Read the full article here.

Professor Terry Sachlos Featured in Fall Issue of The York University Magazine for His Work in Stem Cell Research

October 23, 2019

Terry Sachlos

Stem Cells have the potential to treat many chronic and incurable diseases ranging from Leukemia to Multiple Sclerosis to Parkinson’s disease. But the lifetime of blood stem cells becomes very short when stored outside the human body, making life-saving transplants dangerous. 
In an effort to make treatments safer and reduce mortality rates of transplants, Dr. Sachlos is working on creating a 3D environment to prolong the lifespan of these cells, increasing the supply available for treatments. 
Read the York University Magazine article here.

Professor Franz Newland Interviewed on The Thoughtful TechnoSapien

September 9, 2019

Franz Newland

Assistant Professor in the Department of Earth & Space Science & Engineering, Franz Newland, was recently featured on The Thoughtful TechnoSapien radio show chatting about space science & satellite technology. 

Read more & listen here

One Step Closer to Solving the Methane Mystery on Mars

August 22, 2019

John Moores

Dr. John Moore’s study shows that the methane puffing from a huge crater on Mars could be a sign of life or other non-biological activity under the planet’s surface.

His research was featured in: Business StandardThe WeekMirageNewsweek and 

Lassonde Student Featured on CBC Panel to Discuss Apollo 11 and its Impact on Pop Culture

July 20, 2019

Student Sogand Talebi

Lassonde’s own Space Engineering student Sogand Talebi was recently featured in a panel discussion on CBC The National in honour of Apollo 11 (the Moon Landing’s) 50th anniversary. 

Read more here.

Mechanical Engineering Student Featured on CTV

June 7, 2019

Jowana Burgan on CTV

Mechanical Engineering student Jowana Burgan was recently featured on CTV News for her efforts in helping empower women on the road.

Read more here.

Space Engineering Student Salutes the End of The Big Bang Theory on CBC’s the National

May 16, 2019

Student, Sogand Talebi, on CBC's The National

Space Engineering student Sogand Talebi was featured on CBC’s The National discussing the ways the quirky show allowed her to embrace her inner nerd.

Read more here.

Dev Degree Featured in The York University Magazine

March 12, 2019

Group of students and staff at the Dev Degree Announcement

The Dev Degree, a work-integrated learning experience offered by the Lassonde School of Engineering and Shopify, was featured in the Winter 2019 issue of The York University Magazine.

Read the article here.