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Lassonde Undergraduate Summer Research Conference 2023 Agenda

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Thursday, August 17, 2023 | Location: Second Student Centre | 08:30 am – 05:30 pm

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Lassonde Undergraduate Research Conference 2023 – Agenda

Thursday, August 17, 2023 | Location: Second Student Centre | 08:30 am – 05:30 pm

08:00 am – 09:00 am | Registration and Presenter Check-in

09:00 am – 10:00 am | Welcome Remarks

Land Acknowledgement

Guest Speakers

Amir Asif
Vice-President Research and Innovation

Rachel Sung
Senior Advisor, Business Development Mitacs

Keynote Speaker

Usman Khan
Chair, Department of Civil Engineering

10:00 am – 11:00 am | Session 1: Oral Presentations 1

UNSDG 9: Innovation in Space Engineering

Room A2

Hyunbin Yim
Tracking the temperature and current for RSOnar2 during flight

Tyler Chung
Development of a Remote 2-D Imaging Fabry-Pérot Spectrometer for Climate Change Sensing and Monitoring

Marissa Myhre
Tracking Mode For Attitude Determination

Lovejivan Sidhu
Advancing Space Sustainability: Autonomous Robotic System for Low Earth Orbit Debris Removal

UNSDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation

Room B2

Umm Tasnim
Techno-economic Assessment of Drinking Water Supply Options in the Age of Climate Change

Basit Ilyas
Low-Cost and Flexible Microfluidic Devices for Electrochemical-Based Water Quality Monitoring

Ammar Mahgoub
Expansion of a Pilot Plant at Ajax Treatment Plant

John Brown
Microfluidic Droplet Based Polymerization of Molecularly Imprinted Polymers for Biological Applications

UNSDG 3: Good Health and Well-Being

Room C2

Alice Fours
Vascularization in Tissue Engineering: Engineering Functional Blood Vessels in 3D-Printed Biomaterials for Enhanced Transplantation Outcomes

Faress Madhoun
Leveraging Local Sauna for Sweat Collection and Analysis via Microfluidic Platforms

Yedidja Tshebe
Design and Fabrication of a Microfluidic Saliva Collection Device in Integration with a Pacifier-Style Biosensor

Demetrios Koudoumnakis / Menachem Guttmann
Wireless Wearable EEG Monitoring Device with Artifact-Immune Energy-Efficient Active-Electrodes

UNSDG 7: Affordable and Clean Energy

Room E2

Giovanni De Lio
Geothermal Active Energy Structure Research

Jessica Buentipo
Gallium-Nitride Based Boost-Type Photovoltaic (PV) Maximum Power Point Tracker for Microgrid Energy Network

Shahrzad Rahmai
Cold-Climate Bioremediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbon Contamination

Jaiden Fairclough
Thermo-Mechanical Efficiency of Energy Piles

11:00 am – 11:10 am | Morning Break

11:10 am – 12:30 pm | Session 2: Poster Presentations A

UNSDG 9: Innovation in Software and Computer Science

Poster 01A

Shalom Asbell
A Wait-Free Deque with Polylogarithmic Step Complexity

Poster 06A

Parsa Merat
Weighted Interval Scheduling: Power of Randomization and Predictions

Poster 11A

Prachurya Deepta Adikary
Markov Chain Monte Carlo Method for Generating Naturalistic Shapes

Poster 16A

Ammar Mohamed Mohieldin Ahmed Abouelmaati
Optimal Spectrum Partitioning and Power Allocation in Semi-Integrated Sensing and Communications System

UNSDG 9: Innovation in AI and Data Science

Poster 02A

Joaquin Reamirez-Medina
Innovating Scientific Research with AI: Broader Applications and a Case Study on Droplet Shedding Enhancement through Electrowetting and Shearing Airflow Techniques

Poster 07A

Katherine Ling
Compact Data Structures for Polyominoes

Poster 12A

Pranav Gupta
Machine Learning-Based Prediction and Optimization of Laser-Induced Graphene Properties

UNSDG 3: Good Health and Well-Being

Poster 04A

Hussain Mustafa
Rapid and Low-Cost Fabrication of Wearable Microfluidic Devices for Sweat Collection

Poster 09A

Elijah Paulsen
Development and Viability Assessment of Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) (pNIPAM) Blood Vessel Replacement for Tissue Engineering

Poster 14A

Mina Anton
Transforming Real-Time Non-Invasive Eye Disease Investigation through Microfluidic Contact Lenses Employing Capillary Flow for Tear Sampling.

Poster 17A

Ibrahim Rfifi
3D Printing of Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (MIPs) & Microfluidic Devices

UNSDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Poster 05A

Sijin (Jenny) Ren
Automated Wheelchair Navigation: Object Detection and Tracking

Poster 10A

Bhavitesh Garg / Rupayon Haldar
Implementing AI Vision Technology on SARIT Vehicles for Safer and Sustainable Cities

Poster 15A

Kumar Vaibhav Jha
Graph Based Multi-Object Tracking for Traffic Intersection Analytics

Poster 18A

Kimia Rajaeifar
Interfaces for Long-Term Robot Operation (ILTROn): Enabling Intuitive Control of SnapBot

12:30 pm – 01:30 pm | Lunch

01:30 pm – 02:45 pm | Session 3: Oral Presentations 2

UNSDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Room A2

Avantika Utam
Getting Ahead of the Curve: SARIT Fleet Management and Security With Geo-Fencing

Shriya Agrawal
Carotenoid Production by Rhodosporidium toruloides using Renewable Substrates

Siobhan (Caitlyn) Hayden
Application of Crowd-Sourced Ionospheric Corrections to Precise Positioning in Smartphone Satellite Navigation

Julian Forsyth
Methods of Motion Planning and Obstacle Avoidance with Real-Time Tracking on an Automated Wheelchair

Ishleen Passi
Evaluating the Effect of Climate on the Mechanical Properties of Low Carbon Concrete

UNSDG 9: Innovation in 3D/Bio Printing

Room B2

Shree Gupta
Manufacturing and Optimization of Stretchable and Flexible Thermochromic Displays

Roozbeh Alishahian
Bioprinter Systems and Instrumentation – A Review of Engineering Verification & Validation Protocols

Annamalai Karuppiah
Planar Parallel Robot Design at the Mesoscale

Curtis Jaekl
Code Base Migration for Micro Inkjet Printer

UNSDG 9: Innovation in AI and Data Science

Room C2

John Lacalamita
Translating Digital Privacy: An Approach to Simplifying App Privacy Policies

Sharon Musa
Audio-Video Scene Recognition

Alexander Bianchi / Andrew Chai
Tuning up Big Data Systems with Machine Learning

Baidu Li / Shengxiong Wu
Machine Learning-based Input Seed Selection For Deep Learning Fuzzers

Kuimou Yu
‘Ellipti-linear’ Representations for Estimation of the 3D Rim of an Object from its 2D Occluding Contour

UNSDG 9: Innovation in Software and Computer Science

Room E2

Stefan de Lasa
Using Semantics and Geometry to Scale Monocular Depth Estimation Models

Wenhao Zhu
Improved Results for the Certain News Network (CNN) Problem

Prabjot Dhaliwal
Software Diversity in Microservices to Optimize the Performance and Availability of Software Systems

Shahen Alexanian
Upper and Lower Bounds for the Online Multiple-Knapsack Problem with Reservation Costs

02:45 pm – 03:00 pm | Afternoon Break

03:00 pm – 04:00 pm | Session 4: Poster Presentations B

UNSDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Poster 01B

Nikta Afzali
Discovering A Carotenoid Biofactory Called Rhodosporidium toruloides

Poster 06B

Nina Yanin
Optimal Risk-aware Point-of-Interest Recommendations during Epidemics

Poster 11B

Nicholas Di Scipio / Nicholas Macedo / Nikola Zuvela
Implementing a prototyping and design framework to accelerate time to market and use case adoption of the SARIT micromobility vehicle

UNSDG 3: Good Health and Well-Being

Poster 02B

Jeremy Xie
COVID-19 Induced Arrhythmia Classification: Feasibility of a Reduced Input Feature Artificial Neural Network

Poster 07B

Haydar Isa Senturk
Design and Optimization of Micro-Coils for Efficient Power Transfer to Brain-Implanted Medical Devices

UNSDG 9: Innovation in Virtual and Augmented Reality

Poster 03B

Damith Tennakoon
Enhancing Engineering Education through Virtual Reality: Simulating Drone Design and Mechanics in a Virtual Mechatronics Laboratory

Poster 08B

Ekaterina Kozlovsky
Exploring Perceptual Quality Loss in Context to Compression Related Artefacts in Virtual Reality

Poster 13B

Faruq Afolabi
Understanding Affordances and the Effects of Distortions in Shared Mixed Reality Environments

UNSDG 9: Innovation in Space Engineering

Poster 04B

Hashir Jamil
Exploring Xilinx Zynq FPGA Family: Enhancing Neural Network-based Object Detection for Space Situational Awareness

Poster 09B

Ian Porto
Solving the Degeneracy Issue in Finding Keplerian Elements Using Unscented Kalman Filters

Poster 14B

Connor Humphries
Space Based Optical Image Simulator – Object Insertion Tool (SBOIS OIT)

UNSDG 9: Innovation in AI and Data Science

Poster 05B

Faiz Ahmed
Visual Knowledge Mining: Identifying Duplicate Questions from Images on Stack Overflow for Improved Comprehension and Response Time

Poster 10B

Karolina Tchilinguirova
Application of Machine Learning Algorithms to Smartphone Satellite Navigation Data for Precise Positioning

Poster 15B

Hyewon Jeon
Graph Burning: A Model for Information Distribution in Social Networks

04:00 pm – 04:15 pm | Evening Break

04:15 pm – 04:30 pm | Guest Speakers

Jane Goodyer
Dean, Lassonde School of Engineering

Peter Park
Associate Dean – Research, Innovation, Enterprise & Partnerships​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

04:30 pm – 04:45 pm | Graduate Recruitment Talk

Magdalena Krol
Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering

04:45 pm – 05:30 pm | Award Ceremony and Closing Remarks