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Advisor Webinar Series

The Lassonde Academic Advising team has recorded a series of webinars to assist our students with their studies and navigating administrative processes within Lassonde and at York. A webinar is an online video presentation that you can review anytime, anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection and speakers. Our webinars include bookmarks and are also transcribed for ease of use and to make notes should you wish. If you have any difficulty reviewing or accessing our webinars, connect with an Academic Advisor.

Please browse our selection of webinars below for the information you need to make informed decisions as you manage your academic record moving forward.

Review our webinars dedicated to finding and understanding the General Education requirement for your program. We receive questions about these requirements quite frequently, so members of the Lassonde Academic Advising team have created webinars to help answer your most frequently asked questions about these degree requirements in particular:

BA/iBA General Education
BSc/iBSc Non-Science Requirement General Education
BEng Complementary Studies General Education (Webinar to be updated – See resources below)

BSc/iBSc: Approved BSc Non-Science Courses and Subject Areas

BEng: Approved BEng Complementary Studies Courses and Subject Areas

Complete 6.00 credits in Humanities (AP/HUMA), 6.00 credits in Social Science (AP/SOSC), 6.00 credits in Natural Science (SC/NATS) and an additional 3.00 credits in either Humanities, Social Science, or Natural Science, for an overall total of 21.00 General Education credits.*

*BA Digital Media students:
– your 1900-series AMPD (FA) credits (not including FA/DATT 1900) count towards the Humanities requirement
– your COMN and STS credits count towards the Social Science requirement

Visit the “Faculty Rules > Regulations Governing Undergraduate Degree Requirements” section of your Academic Calendar for complete details regarding General Education requirements.
Are you Ready to Graduate?

Congratulations on all of your hard work to date. As you complete your degree requirements, you may have questions about how and when to apply to graduate. Review our Preparing to Graduate webinar for answers to frequently asked questions we receive from students in their final terms of study.

Remember that you will continue to encounter new experiences as a Lassonde graduate. Take time now to learn more about what to expect as you Transition from University.

Review graduation application deadlines:

– If you plan to graduate in October, submit your application to graduate by August 1.
– If you plan to graduate in February, submit your application to graduate by November 1.
– If you plan to graduate June, submit your application by February 1 (for BEng students) or March 1 (for BA/iBA/BSc/iBSc students).

If you are planning to graduate with a Certificate in addition to your undergraduate degree, you must contact the department offering the Certificate to ensure you are on track to meet the Certificate requirements (e.g., for the BEST Certificate, contact Maedeh Sedaghat, Manager, BEST Program, at

Lastly, remember that no question is too big or too small. Connect with our Academic Advising team. We are happy to review your progress to date and address any questions or concerns you may have as you head into your final term(s) of study.
Review our webinar exploring the Lassonde academic petitions process. An Academic Advisor will discuss what a petition is, how to prepare and submit a petition, what to include, and special considerations when submitting a petition.

Click here to watch a recording of our latest Academic Petitions webinar.

Check out the Lassonde Academic Petitions website here.
Review our webinar exploring honours waivers in Lassonde. An Academic Advisor will discuss what an honours waiver is, how to prepare and submit one, what to include, and special considerations when applying for an honours waiver.

Click here to watch a recording of our latest Honours Waiver webinar.

Check out the Lassonde Honours Waiver website here.
Learn more about Course Relief. It may be an ideal option if you find yourself not doing well in your current program because it is not the right fit for you. An Academic Advisor will go into details about Course Relief and how to begin the process.

Click here to watch the webinar on Course Relief.
Review our webinar Understanding Academic Warnings and Required Withdrawals. An Academic Advisor will review the next steps for students with a required withdrawal or debarment decision, including the steps you can take to resume studies in the future. The Academic Advisor will also review strategies to increase your GPA, including the summer continuance policy.

Click here to watch a recording of our latest Academic Warning webinar.
GPA Goal Worksheet if on a Penalty
GPA Goal Worksheet
At the beginning of each year, Academic Advisors distribute an advising presentation complete with important information students should know during their first year. Review our latest presentations below:

Lassonde First Year First Term Academic Advising – Fall 2022 (all URLs are available here)
Lassonde First Year First Term Academic Advising – Winter 2023 (all URLs are available here)

After reviewing, bookmark the current Important Dates website for your convenience.
Regardless of your year level of study, adapting to online learning can be challenging for many students. To support your success, we’ve gathered some information specific to this topic:

• Review our latest webinar for specific Tips and Resources to Support your Online Learning.
• Explore the University’s latest online/remote learning resources, tips, and strategies for success as well.
• There are also a number of additional academic and well being resources and other guidelines in place to support students during COVID-19.
When engaging in your online courses, remember to practice professional netiquette.*

*This work, Netiquette Guidelines is a derivative of “Creative Commons Student Guidelines for Communicating in Online, Professional Contexts. Centre for Teaching Excellence, University of Waterloo ” Licensed by CC BY-NC 4.0.

Fall 2023 Drop deadline Presentation from Monday, November 6, 2023