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Women in Engineering & Science

Lassonde is the perfect place to start your journey from creative to creator.

Take your creative passion and use it to create positive change

Want to make a difference in the world while pursuing your passions? Go from creative to creator at Lassonde!

The Lassonde School of Engineering will help you take your interests and channel them into new endeavours. From space and computer science to civil and mechanical engineering – it takes a creative mind to change the world!

We’re here to support YOU – female-identifying students who want to bring their passions into STEM. Lassonde supports female students with a community of peers and mentors, resources for career exploration and development, leadership training, professional development opportunities, scholarships for continuing studies in engineering, science or related fields and more!

Our mission is to empower women in engineering and science. Learn more and get involved.

Check out stories from our female students, alumni & faculty on the ‘This is Lassonde’ podcast

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Women in Science and Engineering (W.I.S.E)

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Founder Fundamentals
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Entrepreneurial Workshops

#YUBlog Women Empowerment Club (WEC)


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