Meet Our Students



Lassonde students are dreamers, doers and adventurers.

Their journeys to Lassonde are diverse and their plans for the future are inspiring.




Linda Chigbo is a third-year Electrical Engineering student. She is inspired by Jay-Z. In her spare time she raps and dances.




Anton Sitkovets is a second-year Computer Engineering student who draws inspiration from Elon Musk.




Matthew Klincans is a second-year Space Engineering student. His favourite book is A User’s Guide to the Universe.




Tetiana Sitiugina is a second-year Space Engineering student. She wants to inspire more women to get into engineeering.




Patrick Hazzard is a final-year Space Engineering student who eschews role models to forge his own path.



Akhil Khanura is a second-year Mechanical Engineering student. His favorite quote is, "Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself."



Nudrat Chaudhry is a second-year Electrical Engineering student. She was born in Pakistan, lived in Dubai and is a huge history buff.